Meet Kristi Fischer

Kristi has a degree in Physical Education, is a certified personal trainer, a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher and a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher. She is committed to helping people of all ages develop a passion for health and wellness, and loves to see families exercising together. As a wife and mother of two boys, Kristi enjoys camping with her family and connecting through movement and games. With the excess of screen time that many people struggle with, Kristi is hoping that Mindful Fitness Club for Families will provide motivation and encouragement for other families to develop healthy habits through exercise and mindfulness.

The MFC Story

I like to think I am pretty good about enforcing limited screen time for my boys and emphasizing an active, healthy lifestyle. That said, I noticed after several months of quarantine due to COVID that my entire family had created some less-than-healthy habits. We were watching TV nightly, and my boys were spending more time than I care to admit playing video games online with friends. Add to that all of the online learning and I felt like I had created a very sedentary family. I realized if I was feeling this way, there were likely other families with the exact same thoughts. Enter MFC for Families. The idea with this program is to provide families the opportunity to bond through fun, playful games and activities, along with mindfulness exercises, and to create healthy habits that can last a lifetime. The game and activities are designed to keep everyone moving, and they are lots of fun so people don't even realize they are getting a great workout! I hope this program motivates and inspires everyone in your family, and that you can create some fun memories through movement and mindfulness.



Mindful Fitness Club for Families

Creating healthy, mindful families

Fun fitness games and activities, mindfulness exercises and meditations.